Constitution of Northern Jazz Promoters

Constitution of Northern Jazz Promoters (formerly known as NorvolJazz) Amended 21 Sept 2019

Name:  The group is called Northern Jazz Promoters hereinafter called NJP

Address for correspondence:  11 Gledhow Park Drive, Leeds LS74JT

Purposes: (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Purposes’)

  • To encourage and enhance the development of jazz promotion in the North of England
  • To provide regular opportunity for the sharing of information on matters of mutual interest
  • To identify training and marketing needs of members and seek support from appropriate funding bodies with regard to training and funding opportunities
  • To enrich the jazz community and improve access to the music for all
  • To provide a mechanism for collaboration on projects of joint interest
  • To improve access to jazz for all people, especially young people and those who feel excluded.
  • To make bids for funding on behalf of the NJP members

Role: This intended to be communicative, advisory, and informative. A database of Voluntary Jazz Promoters shall be maintained by the NJP.  The extent of this database shall be determined by the management group as and when necessary.

Membership: The NJP may include representatives of people and organisations undertaking jazz promotions, including voluntary promoters, commercial promoters and public funded arts organisations and others interested in jazz promotions, such as journalists, musicians and educators, and will include, as a non-voting member, a representative of Jazz North. The area covered shall be the “Jazz North” Area

Membership will require an annual subscription to be collected to further the interests of the network. This shall be payable to the Treasurer on acceptance of membership (pro rata for part years’ membership) and annually in September.

On addition to membership members shall provide details of the organisation / individual sufficient to permit communication by the secretary and of the general nature of promotional activities undertaken.

Any decision on amount of subscription or eligibility for membership shall be made by the NJP as a whole.

Communication with members:  Where the member has indicated that such method of communication is acceptable, any correspondence may be transmitted by electronic means.  Unless the sender should have reason to believe that such communication has not been delivered, transmission to the last known electronic address notified to the NJP shall be considered sufficient for the purposes of any formal notification to such members.

Where the member has indicated that electronic communication is not acceptable then the normal method of communication will be by second class post, except where formal notification is required when transmission by first class post shall be regarded as sufficient notification to that member.

Management: The NJP shall elect up to officers (ideally one from each of the 3 major Jazz North regions and including the Secretary and Chair of NJP) and to conduct the Network’s affairs – this will be called the “Management Group”.  This shall be done at the Network’s Annual Meeting, each Autumn.  Nominations for election / re-election shall be made by Promoters already members of the Network.  The Annual Meeting is to be held within six months of the end of the Network’s financial year in April. All major decisions will to be taken by the NJP as a whole.  Canvassing of opinion by email shall be conducted by an Officer when decisions unable to keep until the next full meeting are needed. At the Annual Meeting, the committee will decide who should act as the following officers:

Chair, Treasurer and Secretary

An officer shall have a term of office not exceeding three years when automatic resignation shall take place.   A resigning officer shall be eligible to stand for re-election.

The NJP will meet a minimum of 3 times a year.


  • The NJP is a not-for-profit organisation, and may apply for charitable status if this should be deemed appropriate
  • All money raised by or on behalf of the NJP shall be applied in furtherance of the Purposes of the NJP as described above.
  • An annual subscription will normally be charged.  The subscription for the following year will be decided at the Annual Meeting and shall be notified to members.
  • A bank account will be maintained in the name of the organisation and managed by the Treasurer.  At least 2 Officers shall sign all cheques. All three Officers shall be signatories to the account.
  • The Network’s financial year shall run from 1st April to 31st March.
  • Subject to the actions being authorised by the Committee, no member of the Network shall be personally liable by reason of any mistake or omission made in good faith by any member, other than wilful fraud, wrongdoing, or wrongful omission on the part of the member who is sought to be made liable.

Dissolution: Should the Management Group decide by simple majority at any time that on the grounds of expense or otherwise it is necessary to dissolve the Network, it shall call a meeting of all members providing at least 21 days’ notice of such meeting which shall be given by electronic mail or by first class post, as defined above.

Should the NJP cease to function, or be dissolved, any surplus funds or equipment shall be donated to a similar not-for profit organisation.

This amended Constitution was adopted at the Annual General Meeting held on 21 Sept 2019 at Scarborough Spa, attended by:

Steve Crocker: NJP Chair – JazzLeeds
Judith Waterhouse: NJP Treasurer – Wakefield Jazz
Gill Wilde: NJP Secretary – Grimsby Jazz Projects
Rosemary Holmes: -JazzLeeds
Paul Thomas: – Sheffield Jazz
Bob Walker – Scarborough Jazz/ S. Jazz Festival
Mike Gordon – Scarborough Jazz

Download a copy of the Constitution of Northern Jazz Promoters, here.

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