We’re pleased to welcome Nick Walters and the Paradox Ensemble to The Yard, where they’ll be performing in celebration of Singularity, Nick’s first home studio produced album due for release on his own D.O.T. Records imprint in January 2022.

A collection of “cosmic, electronic-jazz experiments” inspired by NASA and gravitational singularity – the atmospheric condition thought to be found at the centre of black holes in space, as well as the initial state of the universe immediately after the Big Bang occured – Nick’s commitment to the concept is both commendable and meticulous, each track featuring an audio sample recorded and made available by NASA – including those “taken by the Cassini spacecraft as it studied Jupiter, Saturn and their many moons, whistler waves picked up by NASA’s Van Allen probe as it passed around Earth and interstellar plasma sounds picked up by the Voyager probe after leaving the Solar System” – with Walters’ newly purchased Roland Juno-106 providing the sort of celestial shimmer perfectly suited to such an interplanetary project. The album is even dedicated to Professor Roger Penrose, “the scientist who, alongside Stephen Hawking, did so much to develop theoretical understanding of singularities and black holes”.

We hope you’ll all agree it’s an appropriate project with which to end our programme with a (big) bang!

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28 Mar 2022


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


NQ Jazz - The Yard
The Yard, 11 Bent Street, Manchester M8 8NF

The Yard