Irene Serra Quartet

A London-based singer with Italian-Danish roots, Irene Serra writes sophisticated jazz-pop songs with a hint of European cabaret and chanson

ISQ are Irene Serra on vocals and Richard Sadler on double bass. With Chris Nickolls on drums and Naadia Sheriff on piano, this quartet takes the conventional jazz line-up as a mere starting point. Their second studio album “Too” was a Time Out London Critics Choice in 2015 and saw them firmly establish a reputation as an emerging force in both creativity and performance. Their third release “Requiem For The Faithful” marked their first ever UK tour in 2019 with 16 dates across the country. Their latest album, “Requiem For The Faithful 2.0: The Remixes”, released in May 2021, is a compilation of remixed songs from the original LP featuring award winning DJs and producers from around the world.

Irene Serra – vocals
Naadia Sheriff – piano
Richard Sadler – bass
Chris Nickolls – drums


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27 May 2022


8:00 pm - 10:30 pm


Wakefield Jazz
Wakefield (College Grove) Sports Club, Eastmoor Road, Wakefield WF1 3RZ

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