Indigo Jazz Voices

Indigo Jazz Voices presents Carrie McCullock, David Edgar, Jenny Lingham, Paul Close, and Jen Errington. Joined by trio, Alan Law on piano, Paul Grainger double bass and Rob Walker on drums.

These fine singers learned their craft from Lindsay Hannon at the Sage Blue Jazz Voices classes, then went on to form Indigo Jazz Voices. They have plied their singing skills at the Globe since February 2015, giving enjoyable concerts every two months. Expect to hear five very individual voices interpreting jazz standards, swing, blues, and bossa, with lots of tasty improvisation.

Admission £5 cash on the door

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13 Oct 2022


7:45 pm - 11:00 pm


Jazz Northeast and The Globe
The Globe, 11 Railway Street, Newcastle NE4 7AD