I don’t need light, please give me water (Tara Cunningham and Corrie Dick)

Atmospheric, multi-textured, and emotionally engrossing new music from two young masters of sound, Tara Cunningham (guitar/bass) and Corrie Dick (drums) aka ‘I don’t need light, please give me water’. Don’t miss this really wonderful band in this rare and exclusive outing in Sheffield.

The music that Tara and Cunningham make comes from a shared passion for making the abstract approachable, even embracing, and a fascination for diverse musical styles and traditions borne out of their experience as children of the iPod shuffle and playlisting generation. It’s beautiful undefinable music, creating new cohesive worlds of sound from seemingly disparate elements, full of captivating twists and turns.

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03 Aug 2022


8:45 pm - 11:00 pm


Jazz at The Lescar
The Lescar Hotel, Sharrowvale Road, Sheffield S11 8ZF

The Lescar Hotel