Join us to enjoy a night of innovation with AuB: a London-based twin-tenor quartet led by two young, ambitious saxophonists – Royal Academy alumni, Tom Barford and Alex Hitchcock, both of whom have seen success with their solo works as well – intent on doing things differently.

Alex says: “We tried from the start to find a radically new, ambitious approach to the quartet and a unique identity, playing to and combining both of our strengths.”

The results are uniquely enthralling, the pair integrating, interweaving and overlapping the output of their respective instruments – this complex interplay offset by hospitably catchy hooks, each track just as gratifying to the totally untrained ear as to that of the technically attentive anorak – though they never compete to be heard, instead consistently collaborative, committed to allowing one another the necessary space for the steady ebb and flow of improvisational exploration.

Their self-titled debut album was released on Edition Records last year to unanimously positive reviews and they’re about to start work on their second with a new cast of collaborators. As such, for this particular performance, Alex and Tom will be joined by special guests Jasper Høiby on bass and Marc Michel on drums.


07 Feb 2022


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


NQ Jazz - The Yard
The Yard, 11 Bent Street, Manchester M8 8NF

The Yard